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Unusual and Elevating Custom Trailers and Vehicles

Are you struggling to recruit new members or to promote your products? A custom display trailer may offer the perfect solution.

We design the trailer to reflect your organisation and fit the interior with simulation equipment or information to help interested individuals learn more about what you offer. In the past, we have built display trailers for the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force to name a few.

These trailers have been fitted with custom bodies to reflect the different services. For example, we built an RAF Chinook helicopter replica out of a trailer, providing a mobile recruitment trailer for the RAF to help attract new enlistees.

There is no project that is too challenging for our team. Just look at some of the examples of our past work. The various unique, unusual, and unbelievable designs have helped many organisations get noticed. You can enjoy the same benefits by contacting us at NEAT Vehicles.

From the body of the vehicle to the interior, let us know the details of your project so that we can begin planning the creation of your specialised vehicle. Everything is built to your specifications, ensuring that you receive the perfect display or simulation trailer.

Specialised Vehicle Design and Manufacturing in the UK

At NEAT Vehicles, we have been designing and manufacturing specialised vehicles for more than three decades. Our original simulator trailers have been used by the Royal Navy and major companies to help with recruiting or promotion.

We have built a team of experienced workers to handle all stages of your specialised vehicle project. Every stage of your project receives superior attention to detail, from the design to the manufacturing process. Our designers, engineers, painters, and fitters have worked on vehicles ranging from small mobile kiosks to massive simulator trailers.

You can count on us to build a custom trailer or vehicle that perfectly reflects your business or organisation. Our projects are used throughout the country at public events to showcase products or help attract more attention to a specific cause or organisation, including military services and healthcare.

Contact us today for more information about specialised vehicles and custom trailers.