Repair and Refurbishment

We offer a repair and refurbishment service on all vehicles manufactured by us. Whether it be a 20 year old trailer in need of a makeover or accident damage which has affected a vehicle we usually still have the original drawings and designs of the original vehicle (unless it’s a very old one). We work with your trailer / vehicle, produce plans on larger refurbishments, and cost options then it is agreed with the client and work commences. Whether it’s a large complete refurbishment or a small repair job, the same care and quality methods are applied as when we do a new build project.

Servicing and maintenance

Neat Vehicles have a set servicing routine maintenance schedule for all different types of vehicles built by us and we offer electrical testing, generator servicing, Loler tests, mechanical servicing, hydraulic repair and servicing and we have checklists available for all our different types.

With 30 years of experience behind us, there are not many servicing tasks we have not been able to undertake.

Design and Build

Neat Vehicles offer a design and build service from start to finish, with all design aspects carried out in house by our experienced designers using 2d and 3d CAD systems, for engineering, coachbuilding, systems and interior design. All manufacture takes place in our busy workshop where vehicles and trailers are built from start to finish by our own tradesmen where chassis, bodies and internals and painting are all carried out.


We offer a wide range of finance on all our trailers and vehicles subject to status of the applying company or person. We offer Lease Hire, Lease Purchase, and Contract Hire, all with no deposit needed.

Lease hire is a payment made every month with the VAT payable every month. Lease payments can be offset 100% against tax. The vehicle can either be owned at the end of the agreement by making a further months payment or it can carry on the Lease with a rental of one months premium per annum.

Lease purchase is a payment made every month with all the VAT paid up front and customers can claim capital allowances and interest against tax, which is less than can be claimed when going for a Lease Hire.

Contract Hire is a series of payments made over a period usually a minimum of three years, where the customer is given the option to either buy the vehicle at market value or to give the vehicle back to the contract hire company where it would be sold.

Secondhand vehicles

Occasionally we are asked to sell on vehicles we have previously built by clients. These will be displayed in the news items.