Worldwide Veterinary Service Mission Rabies Mobile Clinic

WVS’s TV Vet Luke Gamble and the Dogs Trust approached us on a recommendation from Mercedes to build this monster mobile clinic for their Mission Rabies project to undertake a 3 year tour of India to combat Rabies and to train Veterinary Surgeons in the process. It is based on a 26 ton Mercedes Zetros which has all six wheels driving and is literally built to go anywhere. As part of the build we had to design a pivoting subframe so that the body was not damaged by the twisting and flexing of the chassis under off-road conditions.

The body also expands length-ways with a self-supporting hydraulic slideout, which enables it to be maneuverable on the road but give it extra space in the operating theatre when deployed. The floor is flush throughout so a double folding floor enables the expansion to come in.

On board the unit there is a fully equipped operating theatre with x ray, oxygen generator, LED operating light, overhead camera linked to the training LED screens inside and out, Go pro cameras in every corner to enable TV transmission, scrub sink, lead wall and window, and operating table.

The rest of the unit has seating and living accommodation for three adults, bathroom with shower and toilet, 2 dog cages, laboratory area with blood fridge and steriliser, service room with a 20kva generator, a 10 kva back up generator and a 10 kva UPS system as more backup. There is on board water and waste as well as air conditioning units. A fully switchable audio visual system enables camera images and audio to be switched to inside or outside screens and speakers for training.

There is a hinge down roof access ladder leading up to a hatch in the roof and the roof deck which has fold down stainless handrailing and facilities for storing spare wheels and other equipment.

A wind out awning and LED lights together with outside power supplies and workstations complete the package along with pictures of hundreds of dogs submitted on the charitie’s facebook page.

In India the mobile clinic is used as a focal point to attract attention to the Mission Rabies project as well as the veterinary training, hence the need for plenty of bling such as the one off polished stainless elephant bars on the front and the roof bars on the cab. The project has far exceeded its initial expectations and hundreds of thousands of dogs have been inoculated against the disease, thereby forming a barrier of healthy dogs against infected ones. For more information go to