Container mounted Air Traffic Control Tower

As a step aside from the normal Mobile Air Traffic Control Trailers and Vehicles we offer, this is a Double Stack Container mounted unit which is assembled with a hiab or with a mobile crane. The lower two containers are two hi-cube 20 foot containers which we have modified to provide the base to support one of our 6.1 metre Air Traffic Control Cabins. The lower containers are each 9 feet six inches (2.9 Metres) high and are joined together with special ISO stacking brackets and have modified base brackets for fastening down to the ground with ISO connections on them. The lower container has all the electrical inlets and is also a storeroom, but has been modified to have a duct going through to the central container above it. The Centre Container is modified to be an air conditioned office with window and door and insulated walls.

Our Air Traffic Control cabin also has a special modification for the electrical duct into it from the cabins below. The console is an all aluminium construction, all built in – house and sits on anti vibration isolation mounts and features a hinge up bench front on gas struts as well as under-counter LED colour – change lighting. Two air conditioning units in the cabin and one in the central office keep the unit cool or warm. The lower container also contains a back up generator with Auto Mains Failure panel which automatically starts up in the event of a mains power failure.

The staircase, platforms and supports are all made from Aluminium and the handrails are brushed stainless steel and are designe dto be lifted by crane and mount to the containers with support frames with adjustable legs going to the ground.