Compact Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower Trailer for Albania

The Neat Vehicles Compact Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower on a drawbar trailer has gone to Albania recently. The trailer was designed in house using 2d and 3d Cad systems, and adds to our range of different Mobile Air Traffic Control Systems, together with an artic trailer version, a full size 6 metre drawbar version and stacking container towers. The trailer is only 4 metres long over the body and is designed to take up as little room in a Hercules or be Air transportable by Chinook. It elevates to a height of 3.8 metres to the floor level from the ground. The substantial scissor mechanism is designed to give as little movement to the tower as possible when elevated, along with the four hydraulic stabiliser legs. All aspects of the trailer and detachable cabin are built in house and painted in our spray shop with an anti corrosion Dinitrol coating. The cabin has full air conditioning and heating, the glass is at a 10 degree angle to eliminate reflection and the lighting has a red mode for night time use. The aluminium and Stainless steel steps and handrails contain built in LED step lighting and are housed in a special compartment with rollers to facilitate loading. There are also belly lockers for the hydraulics and electrics and also ones for the roof anttennas. The console is by manufactured by Neat in aluminium and located on special anti vibration mounts to protect the equipment, the counter hinges up on gas struts to allow easy access to the equipment below and a colourchange LED underlight is fitted below the counter.

The whole trailer with cabin loaded on the four twist-locks has a weight of 7 tonnes and is designed to be easily maneuverable. The chassis is mounted on air suspension with an anti-lock air braking system fitted.