Stihl on Tour 7,500Kg Double Expandable Exhibition, Shop and Product Demonstration Vehicle

Andreas Stihl UK, makers of fine chainsaws, lawnmowers, brushcutters, and other garden and utility tools purchased one of our Neat Vector 5000 Kg Single Expandable Exhibition and demonstration Vehicles back in 2015 and it worked so well for them being booked out nearly every weekend of the show season they decided to add another vehicle to their Stihl on Tour Fleet. This time they wanted something a little bigger but still being able to be driven on the car licence so they went for a new Neat 7,500 Kg Double Expandable Mobile Shop/ Demonstration/ Exhibition Vehicle.

Stihl needed it in time for the season so we had to find a chassis cab which was in stock with air conditioning all ready to build on. The vehicle had to have a decent payload to carry all the display tools as well as have on board generator, air conditioning, disabled lift and reception counter cupboards so we made a custom built aluminium chassis and hydraulic pod to keep the weight down.

The double expandable unit has a massive internal space and the modular LED lit reception can be placed on either side depending on layout needed. All the tool displays were made by us out of aluminium and lightweight brushed stainless steel as the normal one’s Stihl use in their shops were too heavy. The unit has wifi boosters to pick up 4g and 3g signals with a router to distribute it and a 50″ screen linked to a soundbar built into a column at the back. The hydraulic stage and roof on the opening side have hinge round windows which can be either open or closed.

The interior is lit by 10 different LED colourchange circuits including the bespoke reception desk with frosted glass top and dual level worktop as well as having LED down lights and LED spotlights to light up the display poster.