Civil Aviation Mobile Air Traffic Control Trailer with removable cabin, half height and full height elevation

The latest addition to the Neat Vehicles range of Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower trailers is the 5th wheel 10 metre civil aviation trailer with onboard generator and Neat Consoles. Everything is made in our Nottinghamshire factory including the cabin and chassis. It has hydraulic stabilising legs which extend outwards from the trailer to give a more stable platform. These are operated individually or with a single button to give automatic levelling. The 15 kva three phase generator is designed to be able to run separate if required so can be removed from the trailer and has auto start panel so it can be plugged into mains and used as an emergency backup or used as the primary power source depending on where it is. The upper lifting frame of the trailer has rollers built onto it so the cabin can be rolled off into a Hercules or C17 aircraft for air transportation. There is also a built in winch to enable the cabin to be winched back onto the trailer again.The hydraulic scissors are all operated by a single ram and the unit can be deployed at full or half height depending on conditions. There are four hydraulic ram stops in the two different positions to give backup to the double check valves which protect every ram on the unit. The cabin houses an aluminium console which is mounted on anti – vibration mounts and features LED under counter lights and a hinge up counter front on gas struts. UPS is fitted into the console with battery back up and feeding a range of sockets within the cabin.