NEAT Vehicles started building lightweight artic trailers many years ago when they were relatively unknown. They fit into two categories, the first is where the tractor unit or prime mover and the trailer can be driven on a car licence if they weigh a total of 8,250 kg or less as a combination. The second is where the plated train weight of the tractor unit is more than 8,250 kg and it has to be driven on a LGV licence.

Most of the lightweight vehicles and trailers we have built fall into the first category as it tends to be the requirement of customers.

These combinations are sometimes known as mini artic trailers or fifth wheel trailers.

With the advent of Individual Vehicle type Approval (IVA) it is becoming more difficult to design and build these within the IVA regulations but we have now done several lightweight semi trailers which have been type approved.

You just have to look at the creations like the Lionheart glass lightweight trailer to see that the next creation is just around the corner.