Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower Trailers for Middle East Air Force

Neat Vehicles have been building drawbar mobile air traffic control trailers for a while now and have supplied to customers all over the world. Our trailers are built to withstand air flight with being transported by Hercules or Chinook and have been proven in the field. These four new trailers are built to the same specification but are on our own custom built artic chassis. They are kept as short as possible for transporting in a Hercules transport aircraft but still long enough to fit on a standard tractor unit. The cabin demounts from the trailer with standard ISO twist-locks and rollers enabling the 6 ton cabin to be winched into the aircraft. We build everything from start to finish on these with our partner avionics company fitting the equipment in the cabin. On board is a 16 kva 3 phase generator, two air conditioning units and 3 phase hydraulic motor. The generator is fitted with Automatic Mains Failure system which kicks it in if the connected mains electricity goes down for any reason.

The Mobile Air Traffic Control unit can be deployed at three different heights, the first being lowered to the chassis where the cabin steps hinge down to the floor with adjustable legs. The top handrails are already fitted to the steps. The second is at half height where the cabin has additional steps and handrails added to it, then finally it can be lifted to 7 metres in the air to floor level. At each deployment stage there are hydraulic stops to stop the cabin coming down in the event of a check valve failure. The hydraulic stabilising legs are fitted with automatic self levelling which enables the trailer to be deployed within half a degree of level. The cabin is fitted with our latest aluminium control equipment console which features nine lower equipment racks and six upper equipment racks, all mounted on anti-vibration mounts to protect the equipment. LED lighting is fitted below the script surface and flight strips are fitted flush into the top. On board refrigerator, blinds, UPS and antenna mounts are all fitted in the cabin. The trailers are starting to arrive in the Middle East now ready for deployment either in the field at temporary airstrips or to replace fixed control towers when they are in need of refurbishment.