Want to know more about the work that we do here at Neat Vehicles? See below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What types of vehicles can you build? We like to make the impossible, possible! We thrive on pushing the boundaries of what is achievable, so we are willing to listen to any ideas that you may have and see if they can be done. This includes but is not limited to, exhibition trailers, mobile air traffic control systems, mobile medical clinics, kiosks, trailers & more. You can see examples of the types of vehicles we build here.
Do you offer design services for vehicles? Yes, just contact us to let us know your requirements, and we can get the ball rolling, designing & building the perfect vehicle to meet your needs.
Can you provide a turnkey solution for my project? We have all the skills necessary in-house to design and build all our units from start to finish, from providing concepts to the unit rolling out of our factory ready for use.
What materials do you use to build the vehicles? We work with Steel, Aluminium, Stainless, GRP, Composites, timber, laminates, paints, vinyl, and many other materials to produce our units.
Can you help with the planning and regulatory requirements for the vehicles? Yes, we have been in this industry for 4 decades, so we hold a wealth of knowledge of what is and isn’t allowed with regard to regulations.
Do you offer financing options for the vehicles? We offer a wide range of payment options for your vehicle, simply get in touch and we will be happy to explain the options and find the right solution for you.
Can you provide maintenance and repair services for the vehicles? Yes. We can provide return-to-base repairs and maintenance on all our vehicles and trailers, either on 6 monthly or 12-monthly intervals depending on the nature of the unit and how much work it is doing.
How long does it take to build a custom vehicle? With a vehicle, we are governed mainly by the delivery date of the cab. With a trailer or modular unit we can usually start sooner depending on our workload. Build times for these units vary depending on complexity – contact us to discuss your requirements and a potential timeframe.
What is your experience with building vehicles for my specific industry? In our 4 decades of experience, we’ve worked with a wide array of different industries, including medical, military, automotive, hospitality, and more! Feel free to contact us to discuss your industry and see what we can do for you.
Do you build trailers as well as vehicles? Absolutely! We build a wide range of trailers, including semis, lightweight trailers, custom trailers & more. See some examples of our trailer builds here.
Do you build modular units and containers as well as vehicles? Yes, a list of the types of units we can build can be seen here and includes mobile shops, bars, stages & more.