Request Custom Containers and Kiosks to Showcase Your Products or Services
A mobile container or kiosk is a great way to promote your products or services at public events. You can easily deploy your container or kiosk to the event and set up your display. At NEAT Vehicles, we can build a display or retail unit to your specifications, featuring your company branding, style, and even a unique design.
Containers & Kiosks are suitable for a wide range of applications. They help you attract more attention to your business when setting up a display in a public venue. When there are rows of companies vying for attention, it helps to have a truly original kiosk.
Some of the typical applications for these custom designs include:
Information kiosks
Sales and retail kiosks
Sampling kiosks
Display kiosks
We offer kiosks for sale that are built for your specific requirements. Our team of experienced designers, electricians, painters, and other skilled craftsmen can handle any designs of unique features that you want to be included in your custom kiosk.
Expert Container and Kiosk Manufacturers with Over 30 Years of Experience
Why should you consider getting a kiosk for your business? Whether you are trying to expand your business, attract customers, or promote a new product, a kiosk is a perfect solution, especially when it is customised to reflect your brand.
Customers love kiosks. They help improve the buying experience. They offer convenient access to your products or services in a unique format. Customers can learn more about your offerings without needing to visit your brick and mortar locations.
You can also reach more customers. Containers & Kiosks can be deployed at  events and public venues, helping you increase your brand exposure. You can connect with customers who may not normally pass by your permanent locations.
At NEAT Vehicles, we can help ensure that you enjoy these benefits. We can design and build a custom kiosk that helps you get your product or service out to the public.
We have over 30 years of experience helping businesses with their custom vehicles. Besides kiosks, we also build specialised trucks and trailers for a wide range of uses.

For all your custom vehicle needs, contact the experienced team at NEAT Vehicles today.