3,500 Kg Multi Purpose Neat Midiflex 5.5 metre Expandable Drawbar Trailer

The latest drawbar trailer to come out of the Neat stable is this 5.5 metre long Midiflex unit which is designed to be as flexible as possible. The trailer expands hydraulically on the nearside with a curved floor and rectangular canopy. The windows can then be folded out to form a curved glazed front or folded in to form an open front. There is an option to have stainless steel handrails across the front when the windows are open. The unit has no fixed cupboards or furniture inside, the electrics and hydraulics are in a locker in the chassis to enable that to happen. In this instance the trailer has a curved reception galley unit, built by us, which contains a fridge, sink, water containers, pump and LED lighting. This is all movable into different positions within the trailer. The seating is some of our in house modular seating with storage built into the bases and a modular coffee table with LED colourchange lighting , plug sockets, USB points, LED colourchange lighting and storage cupboard. Also inside there are fitted plug sockets, LED downlights in white, and LED colourchange uplights around the top of the walls, together with a centrally mounted LED screen. The Neat end mouldings hinge out with support legs to form display panels and these contain further display panels which fold out again, giving a massive display area from just a 5.5 metre trailer. All furniture and fittings are carried on board so the trailer can be pulled by any vehicle with a 3,500 Kg towing capacity and on a normal car licence. Externally there are skirts which cloak the lower surrounds, flagpoles for banner flags with angled accent, and a drawbar cover which goes over the turntable drawbar when on site so that it doesn’t look like a trailer.