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Quality Custom Made Trailers and Vehicle Solutions

Do you need custom trailers for your business? Trailers and vehicles are typically designed for a broad market and may not include all of the features that you require. Whether you need to completely redesign the interior of the trailer or make a few simple changes, we can help.

At NEAT Vehicles, we specialise in custom build trailers and other specialised vehicle solutions.

We are specialist trailer manufacturers that have built all types of custom vehicles for clients in various sectors. Past projects include mobile clinics, food trucks, exhibition vans, arctic trailers, and much more. There is nothing that we cannot handle.

These custom vehicles offer many advantages for businesses in any sector. When you have a truly original vehicle, your business stands out. You get more attention, which may help you attract more customers or build interest in your products or services.
With your own specialised vehicle, you have a source of constant promotion. Everywhere that your trailer or truck travels, you get free advertising.

Specialised vehicles are also useful for ensuring that they have the features that you require. You can include elements that may improve the way that you run your business.

Over Three Decades of Custom-Building Experience

Why choose us for your custom box trailers or specialised trucks? We have over 30 years of experience building specialised vehicles and trailers. We are your one stop shop for all your specialist vehicle requirements.

Our specialisation includes detailed and comprehensive vehicle engineering, styling, and interior design. We constantly push the boundaries to deliver custom solutions to our clients.

Our team ensures that the exterior of your vehicle or trailer makes a statement. However, we also focus on the function and practicality of the design. We make sure that your vehicle is safe and ready for travel. Not only does your vehicle need to look great, but it also needs to be suitable for travel.

No matter what your company needs, our team can handle it. From bespoke trailers to roadshow trucks, we have the experience, equipment, and staff to complete your project quickly and at competitive rates.
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