Bring Your Health Services Into the Community with a Mobile Healthcare unit

If you run a healthcare organisation, providing services to a wide client base can sometimes be difficult. With a mobile clinic, you can reach patients who would otherwise struggle to get into a clinic to see you regularly.

At NEAT Vehicles, we can build a custom health clinic using a trailer, van, or truck as a base vehicle. We build these vehicles to include the features that your mobile clinics require.

With a custom mobile medical clinic, you do not need to wait for patients to come to you. You can visit them in their neighbourhoods or at public events and hospitals. These clinics are also used in remote parts of the country where patients may struggle to find adequate healthcare.

There are obvious benefits of a mobile healthcare trailer or van for your patients, however utilising a mobile clinic can also make your life, and the life of your staff, much easier too. You can expand your client base and save time getting between patients: in an emergency, this could mean saving someone’s life.

A mobile medical van or trailer can be built to transport and carry the medical equipment that you require. You may even treat patients directly from your vehicle. Some of the mobile healthcare projects that we have worked on include:

  • Trailers
  • Trucks and Vans
  • Demountable Expandable Units

We have built these vehicles for local hospitals and international organisations, including UNICEF. Our exceptional design skills ensure that the vehicle is suitable for use as a mobile healthcare facility.

Whatever type of healthcare service you provide, a mobile medical vehicle, trailer or demount can help you and your patients. Perhaps you offer general check-ups and screenings, administer vaccinations and tests, or raise awareness of important health -related issues, a mobile clinic will ensure you can offer the best possible service wherever you are.

Allow Skilled Designers to Plan the Ultimate Mobile Medical Van

At NEAT Vehicles, we have over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing specialised vehicles, including mobile clinics and hospital units. Our skilled team can help plan your van or truck to ensure that it includes the features that you require.

You can rely on us to build a mobile health clinic to your specifications. We follow every detail and ensure that the project is completed on time so that you can get your healthcare services out to the people who need them.

Contact us today at NEAT Vehicles to explore solutions for the design of your mobile health vehicle.