Yorkshire Air Ambulance Mobile Helicopter Simulator Fundraising Units

Neat Vehicles have been commissioned to build two of these 3,500 Kg Fiat Ducato custom-built vehicles for Yorkshire Air Ambulance. From a brief, we came up with this design for them, which everyone says looks really stunning and certainly draws in people, which is what is needed if you want to raise funds for a charity. We are proud to have been involved with this project as the Air Ambulance service do a wonderful job. The vehicle is a Fiat Ducato with an Alko low floor chassis and a Neat Vehicles Body. The two vehicles will be touring the shows this summer hopefully and inviting people on board to try their hand on the simulator and hopefully donate towards their cause. The two large display panels cover the windows and doors when travelling and provide a massive backdrop to their stand at shows. The double glazed doors and aluminium steps complete with polished stainless steel handrails and large window across the front give an uninterrupted view of the inside and a wind out canopy provides shade and cover on the outside. There are two three piece banner flags which locate on to our stainless steel brackets on the offside of the vehicle. Inside is a large curved seating bench with storage below and a diesel fired heater for those cold days. Also in there is a small fridge and a 2.5 kva diesel generator linked into the vehicle fuel tank as well as storage cupboards and literature shelves. The simulator features a helicopter seat which was provided by Y.A.A. and refurbished at Neat, this has a cyclic stick which is linked to the two curved screens. In normal mode these are running with some footage taken on their flights above the Yorkshire countryside but can be run as a simulator if a pc is plugged in with a simulator programme. There are two I-Pads built into Bouncepad holders for referring back to the website on our specially made podiums and on the bench. Another 55″ screen on the rear wall has a Video running from a USB but can also be used for laptops to be plugged in. Both vehicles have on board wi-fi boosters which enhance the Simcard reception and also mobile phone signals. There is a good video of the units on our facebook page, a link for which can be found at the bottom of our website pages and for more information on the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, please go to https://www.yorkshireairambulance.org.uk/