3d Systems & Gentle Giant Studios Quad Pod 3d Film Industry Scanning Trailer

Just completed is this four pod 13.9 metre long artic scanning trailer built for 3d Systems and Gentle Giant Studios to scan objects, people and characters in 3d enabling the film makers to then use these scanned models in their films. Characters for films such as Star Wars have been scanned by Gentle Giant at Pinewood Studios.

The Neat Vanguard trailer is in effect a scanning studio in its own right and is fully self contained. The trailer was built from start to finish in our factory including the complete chassis. The floors are all automatically brought up when the pods come in on pushbutton hydraulics. It has 4 legs to lift the trailer up which automatically self level and the rear moulding comes up as an entrance canopy over the double steps. The trailer is split into two areas, the large area has hundreds of cameras arranged in a circle on demountable towers surrounding the object or person to be scanned, and in the centre of that circle is a hydraulic platform to raise the subject into the centre of the field of vision of the lights and cameras.

In the smaller front area there is an area in one of the small pods for a head scanning camera set up while the other pod has a desk for operators and in the centre is the operators desk for the large area. The interior is as dark as it can be to eliminate any reflection as there are large flash units with the cameras to illuminate the subject precisely. The whole unit is powered by a 30 kva diesel generator on pneumatic mounts to eliminate vibration.