Neat Contaflex 50 Mobile Ultra Clean Ventilation General Anaesthetic Operating Theatre

The Neat Vehicles Contaflex demountable modular unit range now has a new flagship in the form of a Contaflex 50 hydraulically expandable Mobile Operating Theatre which is compliant to NHS HTM standards for an Ultra Clean Ventilation General Anaesthetic Operating Theatre Unit. This unit is 50 feet long x 25 feet wide (15 metres x 7.5 metres) when deployed. It weighs 30,000 Kg and is raised and lowered using 4 hydraulic legs built into the structure, which also serve as the levelling system for the unit as it has auto levelling built into the hydraulics. The legs will lift the whole structure 1.5 metres into the air to enable a trailer to drive underneath it and has several chain anchor points below. Both sides expand out by 1.4 metres each and then a further expansion on one side goes out another 1.2 metres to form a corridor linking the internal rooms and forming an entry point for any joining corridors from the main hospital. Alongside the main theatre unit is a seperate 20 foot (12 metre) medical gas container which is designed to link into the medical gas system of the main unit. This container has two rooms, one containing a Duplex Vacuum pump which provides suction for medical procedures, the other is the gas bottle storage and manifolds which have facilities for 9 No. 6000 litre J Size Oxygen Cylinders, 12 No. J Size Medical Air Cylinders and 5 No. G Size Nitrous Oxide Cylinders. Externally the main Contaflex unit has two service areas, one at each end. One end has the Ultra Clean Ventilation Air Handling Unit, the Condenser DX unit and the Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging pump which is a dual unit. The plant room at the other end contains the hydraulics, 24 Volt batteries and charger for the hydraulics, Uninterruptible Power Supply and batteries to give 10 kva for 30 minutes, an Isolated Power supply for medical sockets, power distribution, medical gas inlet valves, CP9 panel, Operating Theatre Light battery Backup, Ultra Clean Ventilation panel, network switch, Auto Levelling Panel, Water Break Tank and UV water filter.

Internally there is are several rooms which are formed once the full size hydraulic slide-outs have been expanded. After expansion two hydraulic floors fold down internally and seal against the main floor to form a clinically sealed environment. The dividing walls then hinge round and seal against the main walls to make all the internal rooms fully sealed. The interior space is divided into the following areas – a corridor which is 1.2 metres wide and 11 metres long with a door at each end. Off this is a double door into the Anaesthetic room which is 4.8 metres long x 2.2 metres wide which has all the necessary gas outlets, Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System, a sink with hot and cold running water, a drugs cabinet, fire alarm, security alarm, gas alarm and extraction at low level. Double doors then lead off this to the main theatre which is 6.2 metres x 7.3 metres with an additional Clean Utility Area of 2 metres x 1.32 metres as part of the same space. In the theatre is a Stainless steel scrub sink with knee valve, a 2.8 metre square  designated floor area, 2.8 meter square Ultra Clean Ventilation canopy with integral LED lighting, recirculating filtration mounted within the ceiling and anti static flooring with copper earthing strips below. A Bender CP9 Touchscreen control panel controls lighting, ventilation, theatre in use sign, temperature, laser use interlocks, medical gas alarm and timing and is mounted flush into a central column in the theatre. A Mereeva LED Double Operating Theatre Light with seperate controls and CP9 controls is mounted to the ceiling along with two pendants which house the gas outlets, the laser sockets and medical sockets.  The whole theatre is laser safe and has matt finishes, laser blinds on windows, interlocks on all theatre doors, laser in use signs, and laser guards on all pressure stabilisers. In the theatre is a clean utility area with upper and lower storage cupboards, worksurface with LED downlights and there is also the option to deploy modular storage cupboards along the same wall giving as much storage as required which were built for the unit. Off the theatre is a Dirty Utility room, with single door to outside, with a sink, additional storage and extract via a cross duct from the corridor which gives the airflow’s required. Also off the theatre is a double door leading into the Recovery Area, another room which is 4.8 metres x 2.2 metres which has medical gas outlets, low level extraction, sink, gas valves and alarms. Another double door leads from the recovery area back into the corridor at the other end.

The whole unit has been tested and approved for use as an Orthopedic and General Anaesthetic Theatre using robots and lasers and has airflow’s and air changes which exceed the requirements of the HTM regulations achieved with the use of pressure stabilisers, extractors and ventilation ducts. Enigma Medical Solutions commissioned us to build this unit which is the first of its kind in the country after the successful use of their first Local Anaesthetic Theatre Neat Maxiflex trailer unit which has been at full capacity since being built. Below is a link to a 3d Virtual walkthrough of the unit:

Enigma Medical Solutions – Virtual Tour (