Paybooth and sampling kiosks

Over the years we have built many kiosks using our GRP mouldings which have served many purposes. The majority of them were built to accompany the simulator trailers we built as paybooth kiosks. On the earlier simulators the kiosk was carried on the back of the trailer and was loaded with ramps and pushed onto the trailer. There were over 40 of these built to accompany the Venturer trailers which were sold all over the world.

The later simulator trailers carried the paybooth kiosks inside the trailer and it was winched on board up ramps. This necessitated having a slope on the kiosk to clear the sloping bodywork which was needed because of the movement of the simulator.


Other kiosks built were a sampling unit for Cow and Gate and also a kiosk built as a toilet to accompany the Sony double Decker trailer, both on their own little trailers which could be towed by a car.