Mazda double expanding sales container

Neat Vehicles don’t just build vehicles and trailers as can be witnessed here in this double expanding double sided sales exhibition container for Mazda Cars. This is a good example where recycling can be used to convert a shipping container into a state of the art expanding container sales display for one of the worlds leading automotive companies.

We converted the shipping container by cutting out the sides and reinforcing the floor, diagonals and roof to take the additional stresses of being lifted and loaded on and off lorries and vehicles. We also reinforced the ends  and clad all the corrugations with sleek composite panelling and aluminium trimming panels. Adding in push button hydraulics for the floor and roof makes the expanding container an easy operation for one person. The height of the floors from the ground is an easy access when deployed and we also made the floors capable of displaying a car each side if required. The unit was built with removable ramps for that purpose.

The sloping feature and the end video wall are all clad in laminate and the desk and feature have polished stainless trims to highlight them. In the high level bar are sockets connecting to the screens if a presentation is required and a small fridge is built into the under counter along with store cupboards.

On the roof is a hinge-up display totem with the Mazda logo lit up in LED on both sides as well as on the end of the expanding container. Three huge sliding glass doors on each side give a lockable central area and clear rain sheets can be fitted depending on the weather.

This is a self contained unit which converts from a standard 20 foot container to a display which is 6 metres square and is simple but eye-catching wherever it is deployed.