Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers

The Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers we build are elevating units which can elevate to a height of  6 metres to the cabin floor from the ground at full elevation. They can also be deployed at half height elevation and fully down.

They have a quick setup time which is all electro hydraulic. The stabilising legs deploy sideways and then they automatically self level before letting the scissors elevate the cabin. There are safety stops for the scissors and the stairs are carried up with the elevating cabin.

It is a 4 man cabin with air conditioning which also features 10 degree tilted glass and triple glazing for the ideal view over the airfield. The cabin is dimensioned to ISO container sizes so it can be shipped and also stacked on one or two containers if required. It is also helicopter and C130J and C17 transportable.

These Mobile Air Traffic Control towers have been deployed all round the world, from Columbia to Georgia, Brazil, Lithuania, and the UK, with one even being the air traffic control tower at Camp Bastion Airfield in Afghanistan. The Royal Air Force currently operate 3 units.