Mobile Pharmacy and Home Treatment Clinic 3,500 Kg Vehicle for Pharmaxo and Bath ASU

Neat Vehicles have built a 3,500 Kg Mobile Treatment, Pharmacy and Clinic vehicle for Pharmaxo and Bath ASU to enable them to deliver homecare services to their patients and provide the missing link between hospital and home. Bath ASU provides a complete range of aseptic manufacturing services including patient-specific chemotherapy, dose banded batch chemotherapy, central intravenous additive service and patient-controlled analgesia products.

Products made at Bath ASU are supplied to most NHS hospitals and some private hospitals and Pharmaxo Pharmacy Services is an experienced national provider of high-quality specialist care to patients in their own home.

They work with the NHS, pharmaceutical companies, private medical providers and self-funding patients to provide clinical high tech home care services across a wide range of therapies and conditions and this vehicle is the first of a fleet of mobile treatment centres. Neat worked with Pharmaxo over several months to come up with their ideal layout and the end product is certainly eye catching. It has two electrically adjustable chairs for administering vaccines and treatments with sectional curtains to enable the chairs to be in any one of three locations. The cupboards house a powerful 8kva generator, water and waste system, hot water heater, and storage for the companies products. Built into the third seating unit, which doubles as a third treatment seat, is a lithium Ion battery which has an automatic charger and powers the pharmacy fridges overnight when the power is off. The fridges are 240 Volt and 12 Volt pharmacy fridges, one at ambient temperature and one at normal fridge temperature. The air inside the unit is changed at the rate of 6 times an hour via a heat exchanger unit with filter to ensure it is as clean as it can be. Externally a wind-out waning covers the entrance which is accessed with a fold down step and door which can be locked off. A roof mount air conditioning unit and heater unit with LED panel lighting completes the specification with colourchange ambient lighting around the walls and under the wall cupboards.