3,500 Kg Mobile Testing and Vaccination Units for the NHS

Neat Vehicles has been heavily involved in building mobile vaccination and testing units for the NHS to help with the Pandemic. We have built 5 of these vehicles which are actually quite big when deployed for use in the community. They are based on a Fiat Ducato 3,500Kg cab with a low floor Alko galvanised steel chassis and have a 5 metre body on the back made from lightweight GRP composite gloss panels. The insides are very basic, but functional and good looking, and consist of some modular seating  a coffee table, forward storage cupboards incorporating a hydraulic and electrical locker and an electrical heater, a pharmacy fridge for vaccines, and large window and double door with LED lighting throughout, all built and fitted in our factory. We added a hydraulic canopy made from aluminium and Composite GRP which is electro-hydraulically operated, and the majority of them had fold out external wing panels to give some protection for when working outside under the canopy. The solid canopy has big advantages over wind-out ones as it can be operated in all weathers. The low floor gives easy access to the inside via a double step and polished stainless steel handrails.