3,500 Kg Mobile Opticians unit for Eyepod Eyewear

Eyepod Eyewear provide glasses for all kinds of different sports and had previously had a 7,500 Kg Truck to go on the road with their mobile opticians business selling Sports eyewear. They approached Neat Vehicles as they wanted to have a smaller vehicle, able to be driven on a B class licence and be more accessible and easier to operate. The unit is built on a low level Fiat Ducato Alko chassis 3.5 ton chassis cab and the rear is modified to take the fold over step arrangement which is a simple flip over design for ease of use with a stainless handrail fitted to the rear to assist entry. Two waiting seats have built in storage below and two glasses displays and a desk complete the waiting and sales area. In the front room is the opticians seat and equipment for testing eyes in order to see what glasses are required. There is also a cupboard with ducted air conditioning unit built in and electrical distribution, controlling the lighting and another corner desk for the opticians equipment. The 5 metre body is built from lightweight composite insulate materials and the furniture all made from lightweight plywood, laminated in our Nottinghamshire factory.