Action 4 Employment Mobile IT training Unit

The Action 4 Employment mobile IT Training unit was built as a 9 metre lightweight artic Computer training and job seeking Unit for travelling around the country and rehabilitating ex – prisoners. It features a main computer room with extra meeting table and chairs, a toilet and bathroom, a small kitchen and av cupboard and a separate meeting room/ computer room on the front step-frame.

There are a couple of new ideas on this unit which were the ramp which rolled out as a one piece unit from under the hydraulic extension floor and the four monitor screens which popped up from the meeting room table in the front room to make it also be able to be 4 more training stations as well as a meeting room.

The 7.5 ton tractor unit was built by us and had a special body kit fitted from our mouldings. There was a generator, air conditioning and self- seeking satellite system fitted to enable the unit to function as a mobile computer training unit.