We were commissioned to design and build a lightweight artic purpose built glass trailer by the Lionheart project (for their website please go to www.lionheart ) to house three giant lions which were hand crocheted by Shauna Richardson over a period of 18 months. The three lions which represent the three lions of England were sculptured in Leicester and are the largest hand crocheted sculptures in the world.

Mark and Shauna from Lionheart needed a showcase to take their sculptures to different venues during the Jubilee and Olympic years to show off the lions around the country and their specifications were quite demanding. The trailer and sculptures were all funded by the Arts Council and the brief was that it had to be able to stand alone with air conditioned interior to prevent condensation on the glass and onboard generator to power this when not connected to land power and be lit up, both when stationary and when in transit, without infringing any road traffic laws. It also had to be able to be pulled by a small truck so that the exhibit itself looked bigger.

We designed and built this trailer, mounted the lions onto the trailer and supplied the truck as well as co-ordinated  the operations. The show trailer in itself is something quite different as it features 12mm toughened glass sides which can withstand the flexing during normal road movement but is able to be pulled by a 7.5 ton truck.