US Navy simulator trailers

We built the first of these simulator trailers specifically as a lightweight articulated trailer to be pulled by a large pickup or small truck with the United States Navy for their recruitment drive in the U.S.A. We mounted the 8 seat simulator, computers, installed generator, air conditioning, built steps and handrails for entering and exiting the simulator and also painted it.

The whole unit was all built from start to finish by us including the chassis. The simulator on this was moved as a ride by electrical linear motors with a large screen mounted inside the capsule which showed a film and the motion was programmed into the ride from the on-board computer.

The larger simulator was a Morphis which was a 20 seater ride for recruitment for the United States Navy to replace their existing simulator and featured double US manufactured axles, generator and air conditioning units. This was the longest simulator we built apart from a double axled unit built for the Canadian Air Force display team