Royal Navy Underwater Surveillance Fifth Wheeler

The Venturer pictured here was a special fifth wheeler lightweight artic semi-trailer developed for Supacat and the Royal Navy Underwater surveillance team, it featured a three axle air braked chassis which was the first of its kind with high ground clearance and a 10 metre overall length to fulfil its purpose.

It was pulled by a specially modified Landrover Discovery with six wheels and a fifth wheel together with a compressor and modified bodywork.

The trailer had a full awning on the side which was a wind out with sides and also had ramps and a dropwell built in to accommodate a small trailer for the surveillance drones and a six wheel all terrain vehicle which sat above them. The rest of the rear storage compartment carried Remote Underwater Vehicles and other surveillance equipment and when empty had fold down bunks and a table. The front room was a control room which had a meeting table, kitchen facilities and storage with the seats and table turning into a double bed.

It was one of the first lightweight artics to go through the IVA type approval process.