Hotpoint Jamie Oliver Cookery Demonstration Trailer

This example of a Neat Vehicles Semi Trailer Exhibition and cookery demonstration trailer was built for Hotpoint for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

It features double curved hydraulic expansions with curved glazing and double doors both sides to enable the entrance to be either side. It also has a hydraulically lifting rear NEAT moulding with lighting below and covers the disabled entrance with electrical lift as well as the emergency exit. There are six student teaching stations which are mobile and move into place once the unit is expanded. They each have a four ring induction hob, a pop up extractor with LED lighting, a double oven and store cupboards as well as utensil hangers and herb storage pots. There is a larger unit for the instructor to teach behind which is monitored by overhead CCTV and transmitted to the twin screens behind the instructors unit. This instructor unit also features its own built in sink and water system. A prep kitchen with twin sinks, twin fridges and storage is situated in the front room with stainless steel in abundance. The trailer has its own in-built generator and air conditioning system, electrical distribution, LED lighting and even has a couple of dresser cupboards with display shelves built in. Everything you see here from the chassis to the cooking stations is all designed and built in our UK factory. Our next creation is just around the corner.