PDSA win Crufts award with Mobile Veterinary Clinic & Exhibition Vehicle.

PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity took delivery of their new Neat Vehicles 18 ton six wheeler hydraulically expandable exhibition truck in September 2018 and have announced they won an award at Crufts for the best medium sized stand of the show with their vehicle and exhibition area.
Accepting the award from the Crufts judges on behalf of PDSA, Donna Charway, Veterinary Events Manager said “We were delighted to win the award at Crufts, the unit gave us a unique exhibition stand area and really did make us very visible to all visitors.”
The trade stand judges were also impressed with the activities that were on offer from PDSA, which included demonstrations of pet first aid, opportunities for visitors to have a go at dog CPR and children had the chance to ‘operate’ on a toy dog in the operating theatre on board the mobile veterinary clinic and exhibition vehicle.
Nigel Townsend, Managing Director of Neat Vehicles said of the award “We are proud to have built this very special vehicle for PDSA and we are really impressed with the way they are using it to its full potential, we designed and built it to be as flexible as possible and this award is proof that it is able to be out there in the community but also win awards at indoor shows, which is all we can ask for from our units”.
The mobile veterinary clinic and exhibition vehicle was built on a standard 18 ton Mercedes chassis and expands both sides giving a massive exhibition and information area in the middle and front with two consulting rooms/ operating theatres in the rear expandable. There is also a staff room with dog cages, toilet and laboratory in the front.
The vehicle is a sleeper cab so the driver can sleep in the unit if required. The front of the exhibition area has the flexibility of either being fully glazed for bad weather outside or wide open for indoor exhibitions such as Crufts where the unit needs to be as open and inviting as possible. There is a reception desk, LED screen for presentations, seating and an oval table with I-pads where people can sign up for free PDSA information, including the downloadable pet first aid leaflet, all within the exhibition and information area.
Since taking delivery, PDSA have done four major indoor shows with the exhibition unit where they have had the front open, and 35 community events where they have undertaken a variety of clinical services including pet MOTs, vaccinations clinics and given advice. They have had dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs brought on board at these community events. Laura Ballard, events officer for PDSA, pictured in the centre of the staff at Crufts with Donna holding the award, has travelled around with the unit at both community events and indoor shows and has been impressed with the presence of the unit wherever it goes. It has been set up in various locations in communities across the country, as well as indoor events in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

For more information on PDSA please go to www.pdsa.org.uk and for more information on building mobile clinics and other special vehicles please visit www.neatvehicles.com .