Vivacity Childrens Mobile Library

Vivacity is a not for profit organisation based in Peterborough who work with Peterborough Council to provide Leisure facilities and Community projects within the Peterborough area. They commissioned Neat Vehicles to build a Children’s Mobile Library which was capable of being small enough to go in and out of school playgrounds and carparks, but had all the facilities of a larger library vehicle. We came up with a short wheelbase 5000 Kg Vehicle with a low height Alko chassis which has the facility to have low book shelves for children and also to have some of the shelves removable as wheeled modular units which can be simply wheeled off the vehicle down the ramp even when fully loaded. The reception desk also unlatches and can be wheeled off the unit if needed. This can then give space for other activities and there is a wall mounted screen linked back to a laptop, fold up desks with seating, and brightly coloured poster displays. The shelving units are all adjustable with Kinder book displays and leaflet display shelves. Storage is provided above the walkthrough cab with spin round seat, as well as the long storage cupboards down the side.

Heating is provided by a diesel fired heater run from the batteries, which are part of a very green solar powered battery system linked to an inverter charger which gives out mains power within the unit. The batteries are charged from two solar panels on the roof, from the vehicle when it is being driven, and also through the mains charger when it returns to base during the night.

Externally on the vehicle there is a wind out awning with storm bars back to the body, a fold down ramp on gas assisting struts at the rear featuring fold over handrails, a set of aluminium and stainless side steps and a very vivid external graphic wrap utilising the children’s illustrator Ellie Sandal’s Everybunny Read artwork, which is sure to attract the attention of young children wherever it pulls up.

This vehicle is rated at 5,000 Kg but we now offer 5,500 Kg for extra capacity which involves fitting air suspension to the rear axles, enabling more books to be carried.