Tim Hortons Cafe and Bakeshop Mobile Unit

Tim Hortons ( www.timhortons.co.uk ), is famous in Canada and is now making inroads in the UK with new stores opened in Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester and many other cities. The Canadian brand wanted a Mobile Café unit to promote their products and new store openings. We came up with this 5,500 Kg Low chassis vehicle with low serving counter, completely self contained to enable the public to sample their famous Double Double coffee and Timbits donuts.

It has on board three infuser coffee machines, a steeped tea machine, an Imix hot chocolate drinks machine, and Espresso Machine, creamer, sugar dispenser, under counter refrigerator, coffee grinder and a huge Iced Cappucino machine. These all take some powering so we have a 20kva 3 phase diesel generator fuelled from a separate diesel tank, in its own sound attenuated service room. An on-board water and waste tank feed all the machines via a pump system with accumulator and individual water filters and provide hot water via an electric water heater.

Internally the unit has custom built stainless steel cupboards and counters, LED lighting and built in cup and lid dispensers, with a point of sale unit under the serving counter with a wifi booster and antennae to give broadband coverage via 3g . Externally there is a massive oval Tim Hortons sign which is powered upright by linear low voltage rams and there are two 8 feet x 4 feet LED backlit menu boards which hinge around to show customers the goods on offer, with tieback stays and easy-open interchangeable graphic boards.

The vehicle is one of the first we have built which is uprated to 5,500 KG utilising air suspension units fitted to the rear axles to increase capacity. As with all our vehicles the Tim Hortons vehicle sailed through its type approval test and is fully certificated.