Royal Canin Seminar and Show Trailer

Royal Canin Pet Food Suppliers, part of the Mars Group, commisioned a 12.1 metre Neat Vehicles Artic Exhibition Show Trailer which has been delivered and is touring the UK Dog and Cat show circuit.

It is a Triple hydraulically expandable exhibition trailer  with an 11 metre x 9 metre awning on the side to enable the unit to carry all the stock it needs to the shows and have a large seating and sales area. The trailer is also designed to be a seminar space when not on shows for presentations inside and also for meetings and training. In this configuration it has windows which fold across to give a fully enclosed space inside the unit with air conditioning and also drop down projection screen and graphic panels to blank off the windows.

When in the show mode the trailer has modular shelving units on wheels which take the place of the windows and form shelving displaying different stock and also incorporating touchscreens and a coffee machine. There are two LED till counters which deploy in the awning as well as graphic panels, seating and tables for customers to get a drink.

The rear of the trailer has a hydraulic rear moulding and a tail lift for carrying the stock trolleys into the exhibition trailer and there is a fully fitted office in the front room with a toilet, worksurfaces, storage and a desk. All the stock and the items which make up the awnings, the till desk, and the floors are carried on board the unit. It has been built with air suspension, wifi booster antennas and hdmi points to plug laptops into the projector.

The trailer has been busy over the last months doing Crufts and other dog shows as well as the county show circuit