RAF Air Cadets Expandable Drawbar Trailers

We designed and built these three trailers for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets to serve the north, midlands and south of the UK. They were operated by the individual areas as technology platforms for the Air Cadets. The trailers were designed to expand at the back and also to link up with each other if they came together for a big event. The rear had a fold up canopy, a fold down floor and fold out walls, and the rearmost wall could be hinged round to walk from one trailer to another.

Inside the trailer there are computer stations to link to the website and also for simulation. In the expandable part there is a flying seat with a large projected image and linked to a programme and the joystick controls to simulate flying. At the front of the trailer is an interactive white board and projector which, along with the other computers is linked to a network, which is in turn linked to the roof mounted self- seeking satellite system.

The Queen and Prince Philip are pictured visiting one of the trailers at an air show and the trailers were funded by the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust.