Pirelli Multiflex Expandable Drawbar Trailer

This 7 metre drawbar trailer was built for use by Pirelli and comes with all its own custom built furniture. Everything you see here was made in our factory and designed to be flexible as well as set up by one person.

The trailer expands on both sides, one side with a hydraulic slide out and the other with a curved hydraulic floor together with hydraulic canopy and hinge out glazing which can either form an enclosed internal area or an open stage. There is air conditioning and heating, LED lighting movable modular furniture which can form several different layouts for presentations, displays, hospitality and training.

The reception and kitchen units were built into the trailer and contain a fridge, sink, wardrobe, two tiered reception galley with av points and dvd player linked into the screen in the pod

The display panels and skirts can be opened out to be up to 14 metres long and an integral cover over the drawbar make the unit seem more like a building than a trailer.