NRS Healthcare 3,500 Kg Mobile Clinic, Marketing and Demonstration Vehicle

This is an example of a 3,500 Kg Neat Body built onto an existing cab. The customer wanted a different approach to the look and feel of the unit as the old unit was looking tired and uninviting. Our approach was to make it easier to set up, and to be as inviting as possible, with the wheelchair lift enabling wheelchair users to access the inside. The unit was overweight before so we had a lighter body without heavy cupboards and internal dividing walls. The end user was very impressed with the new look and feel and it is now touring around the UK. The use of remote control colourchange LED and glass along with curves and fixed seating units with storage and cupboards below has lightened the feel of the unit and given a new lease of life to the vehicle.
The NRS Mobile Clinic, Marketing and Demonstration Vehicle had to be flexible and feature working transformers behind the display panels to power future product attached to the front of the panels. The panels are on magnetic fastenings so they can be easily interchangeable for going to different locations and types of product.
The unit has an onboard 3 kva generator and diesel fired heating unit fitted in the cupboards and under the front bench seat. Fold down steps are featured on the front together with a large door to make the entrance inviting and the curved windows to either side give plenty of light to the interior. These units can also be built with privacy windows for a clinic and split into two to give two consultation rooms as well as different configurations to the interior depending on usage and equipment needed.