Multiflex 7 metre exhibition and hospitality trailer for Weaving Machinery

Weaving Machinery have just launched their brand new 3,500 Kg Turntable steer 7 metre Multiflex hospitality and exhibition trailer built by Neat Vehicles.

The trailer can be pulled with either a van or with a 4 x 4 and because of the turntable steer can travel fully loaded without swaying or the normal problems which centre axle trailers face. The trailer expands on all 4 sides to turn from a 7 metre x 2.25 metre trailer on the road to a 14 metre x 7 metre upmarket space to entertain guests and be a backdrop at their show stands at outdoor shows. Weaving Machinery manufacture all sorts of farm machinery in the UK and like Neat Vehicles, keep the manufacture in-house wherever possible. The curved mouldings at each end fold out either once or twice depending on plot size to give good graphic areas and the curved frontage folds out hydraulically with the windows being able to be folded out to give a fully glazed curved front or to have drop in handrails with the windows folded back and an open frontage at either indoor venues or in good weather. A hydraulic slide out pod completes the extending area with an automatically folding down floor keeping the pod floor and the main floor at the same level. The mobile modular reception desk houses two large drinks fridges with LED uplights and downlights, highlighting the frosted glass curved counter. All the seating is modular so that it can provide flexible layouts with multifunction for presentations, training, demonstrations, exhibition and hospitality. The seating is modular with storage below so that various layouts can be utilised depending on the event. Even the coffee tables are LED lit with storage below and sockets with USB connections for laptops to be plugged in.

The drawbar swings round and is covered by an aluminium painted cover with the PVC skirts continuing around giving the illusion that it is not a trailer but a structure.