Mobile Product Demonstration Vehicle for Thorlux lighting

This 5,500 Kg Fiat Ducato with Alko chassis was commissioned by Thorlux Lighting based in Redditch as they had seen examples of our units about and thought them ideal for demonstrating their range of Lighting equipment, which is manufactured in the UK.

They make a wide range of lighting products and wanted a flexible way of making them stand out from the crowd. This unit sets off their products on custom built display boards set off away from the wall so connectors and transformers can sit on the back of the panels out of eyesight and they are highlighted by LED colour change around the surrounds. The unit can be operated either fully enclosed with glass all the way round with a double door in the centre or it can have an open front with polished stainless handrails across the front.

In the centre of the unit is a large oval product demonstration table and a long work top with cupboards, fridge and generator below. A 65″ LED presentation screen is fitted central on the back wall enabling a laptop to be plugged in to access it for presentations. Air conditioning is mounted in the rear and is a split type system for better efficiency.

Thorlux asked for their own lighting to be fitted in the canopy and into the suspended ceiling which we had to make able to withstand the rigours of transport but still hold their product. The unit can be used for product demonstration but also for training, exhibitions and meetings and the 5.7 metre x 4 metre floor area gives plenty of room for customers and suppliers to move around freely, whilst giving a very light clean environment to work in.

This is the third similar vehicle which Thorlux have bought from Neat, the other two being for Philip Payne, and emergency lighting company and for Ratio EV who do vehicle charging points, both in the Thorlux group of companies.