Millbrook Healthcare 5000 Kg Expandable Mobile Clinic/ exhibition vehicle

This Low Floor 5000 Kg Hydraulic Expandable Mobile Clinic/ exhibition vehicle features products displays, wheelchair lift, demountable consultation room, clinic and training facilities to make it a truly flexible vehicle.

Millbrook Healthcare are an innovative forward thinking company who provide wheelchairs, assistive technology, community equipment , home improvement services and a wide range of other services to Local Authorities and the NHS. For such an innovative company they needed a different way to show products, do training, clinics and consultations which is why they chose Neat Vehicles.

The vehicle has on board generator, hydraulically expandable glazed extension, Elliptical LED colourchange meeting table, which can be swapped for a full size seat over the wheelarch, LED back-lit product display panels, refrigerator, Interactive whiteboard and projector, air conditioning, seating, leaflet dispensers, seperate LED screen, coffee machine, internal wheelchair lift with cover when not being used, and a removable consultation room.

The vehicle is now in regular use with Millbrook Health in partnership with Guideposts who are a multi disciplinary social care charity.

This vehicle can also have double consultation rooms or clinics fitted without losing the reception/ waiting area in the expansion.