Maxiflex 14 metre Sales and Exhibition Trailer for New Holland Agriculture

New Holland, part of the CNH Group who build tractors and agricultural machinery came back to us 13 years after building their other show trailer and asked us to build an identical trailer but with some more modern features and updates so here it is. It has a state of the art sound and audio visual system with a high resolution 3 metre x 2 metre outdoor screen built into the side of the trailer. It also has all the features the other one had but with more lighting and with certain things changed. As you can see from the pictures it has already been through Europe and has a busy schedule ahead of it. Like the previous trailer it is a triple hydraulic slide-out unit with the addition of two canopies and a huge balcony outside giving a massive floor area for showing prospective customers around the new range of tractors and doing demonstrations, one to ones and hospitality events. The unit has a VIP area with glass wall and door, containing its own separate LED screen, a curved seating area with an LED coffee table, all with built in storage and a small kitchen tucked away in the hydraulic pod containing full height fridge, sink, microwave, and storage cupboards. The main area has two 43″ LED screens, one 65″ LED screen and a full size projection screen with audio and HDMI changers, a P.A system which is linked to inside and/ or outside with a radio mike or hand held mike and a rotating a.v. rack below the glass counter. The trailer also comes complete with 40 stackable chairs, its own trolley for the chairs and four 1200 mm circular folding tables with outdoor poseur tables and gas assisted stools. The hydraulic balcony has folding glass handrails and sectional stairs for easier deployment and the balcony and screen are covered with hydraulic canopies. The unit also has hydraulic stabilising legs with auto level feature, hydraulic pods with auto fold floors, curved Neat mouldings front and rear and graphic wraps inside and out. A 20 kva generator powers the unit and two air conditioning units keep it cool or warm.