Low Floor Expandable Demonstration Vehicle for Harris Paintbrushes

Harris Paintbrushes wanted to take their paintbrushes and rollers on tour to demonstrate them on display and in use and decided on a Neat Vehicles 5000Kg Expandable Vehicle to do it with.

We built this vehicle with a central demonstration table with high sided top which was wipeable so that table top painting demonstrations could take place for a select number of customers. They wanted some special sized display panels for long rollers and brushes so we built them four custom aluminium displays 2 metres high and 1 metre wide with LED backlighting for their graphics. Another feature in the front corner of the vehicle was a vertical paint rolling wall which was freestanding across the corner to demonstrate paint rolling techniques. In the other front corner, one of our reception galleys was incorporated which has the look of a curved reception desk having split level counters and frosted glass with LED uplights and downlights, but also features a small fridge and sink built in with water supply, waste and water pump.

The display was finished off by a ceiling mounted projector and 55″ rear LED screen with audio built into the walls, heating and cooling supplied with a roof mounted air conditioning unit.

Externally the vehicle had a full vinyl wrap and grey PVC skirts with 2 Banner flagpoles attached to stainless steel brackets on the rear.