Custom Lightweight Mini Artic Trailers

Lightweight Artic Plant Transporter Trailers

Do you need a custom artic trailer for transporting your goods? At NEAT Vehicles, we manufacturer a range of high-quality plant transporters, from mini artic trailers to long trailers designed to carry heavy payloads.

Our trailers include flatbeds, trailers with sloping decks, covered curtain-side trailers, and box trailers. There is something to suit all your needs. If we do not have an existing solution, we can design and manufacturer trailers to your specifications.

Custom trailers are designed for the types of goods that you transport. You can include features or details that you think may make life easier for your drivers.

You can also include custom branding. Use your trailer as a moving advertisement for your products or services. With our skilled painters, we can faithfully recreate any image or design that you want to be included on your trailer.

We have also converted tractor units ranging from the Volkswagen LT 35 to Isuzu single cabs and crew cabs. They were fitted with our body kits and compressors for the air braking systems on the trailers.

High-Quality Custom Transporter Trailers

Why choose us for your trailer needs? We only offer high-quality trailers manufactured in our factory. Pressed steel is used for the construction of the trailer chassis, and the trailer is finished with aluminium or timber floor covering.

Whether you want a mini artic trailer or a large trailer for transporting your goods, our crew has you covered. We can build anything to specification.

Besides lightweight artic trailers, we manufacture a wide range of specialised vehicles. We are available to build your mobile health clinic, retail kiosk, simulator trailer, or any other type of unique or original trailer or vehicle.

Specialised vehicles offer numerous advantages compared to stock vehicles. You are getting a custom solution that can include design elements that are related to your business organisation. These custom features help your vehicle stand out, whether you are visiting a public event or simply traveling down the road. Anywhere that you go, you are sure to get noticed and draw attention.

Contact us today to talk about your design project with one of our experienced staff.