John Surtees Go Kart Race Truck

John Surtees approached us to build this truck based on a 7.5 ton Isuzu chassis cab for him and his son to go racing and carry the karts in the back.

We built a body with a stepped floor at the back to enable the workshop to have a low floor and the height to carry the karts vertically as well as have a full workshop with toolboxes generator and compressor.

The body had a slide out in the accommodation and hospitality area with seating in a large L shape which converted into a double bed as well as a further bunk bed.

There was a separate shower and toilet, sink, cooker, fridge, full height computer cupboard for sorting the telemetry on the kart engines as well as TV and video.

Externally was a full race awning to put the karts in when on site with the roof part winding out and the sides separate.