Dominos Pizza Catering Trailers

We worked in conjunction with the Dominos Pizza store designers to come up with the layout on this catering trailer , which was custom built to their requirements.

We built a 12 metre stepframe chassis on two air suspension axles and gave it a low neck so that it would fit on a smaller tractor unit and give less step ups in the front end. In the front service room there is a 100kva 3 phase generator which powers all the on board electrical equipment. There is no gas on board this unit and the pizza ovens themselves take up most of the power. We originally fitted two ovens and a third was added to give it extra capacity when at festivals as the demand was that great for the pizzas.

There is a full size walk in cold room at the rear for the pizza dough and toppings, a smaller generator to keep the cold room cool in transit, refrigerated makelines, internet access via wifi, menu screens and CCTV, as well as an onboard safe, three handwash sinks, two pot wash sinks, hydraulic canopy and hydraulic serving stage and counter which contains all the tills and fridges for cold drinks.