BT Development Express Training Trailers

The problem – to train BT engineers across the country and to provide an exhibition at the same time. The solution – build 8 massive triple expanding training trailers which can operate individually across the country then come together and link together for an exhibition space unrivalled in the industry.

These were the BT Development express units we built which extended to 17 metres long and 7 metres wide and featured a brand new front nose shape which was only used on this project and one other simulator.

The trailers linked together to form a possible area of 64 metres x 17 metres. We designed and built these and it was such a big project we had to double the size of our factory to build it.

We set it up for its initial show at RAF Hendon which had a big enough car park to take them all linked together. Each trailer had its own generator, air conditioning, audio visual control room, presentation and exhibition area with full autocue facilities, as well as a reception and a disabled ramp and was able to link to another trailer either side. We have since converted two of these into units for other people which are also featured.