British Telecom Resources Exhibition and Technology Display Unit

This trailer was built to be a Technology Display Unit for British Telecoms new range of Broadband services and all the new equipment they had brought out. The double expandable full size articulated semi trailer was made with one large hydraulic slideout pod on one side and a folding glazed area on the other giving maximum storage room for all the onboard folding walls and furniture forming the display walkthrough.

In the front is a generator with air conditioning units, then there is a small kitchen with sink and fridge and coffee machine with a meeting area adjacent to this with its own screen for presentations. The graphics go around the internal and external walls giving a cohesive link between the outside and inside. This, together with the neon lit graphics, touchscreen large screen also operated from the table, frosted glass table tops with uplighting and the screens in each area to explain different aspects of the resources, give a modern hi- tech feel to the whole unit.

The BT Resources unit has done many years of service including the Olympics and other events showcasing their products.