BMW Expanding 3,500 Kg Exhibition Trailer

This was an exhibition trailer designed to be in a sales environment and present a large backdrop for a fairly small trailer when in transit. It is one of our turntable drawbar trailers which is rated at 3,500 kg and can be pulled by a van or 4 x 4 and was 7 metres long.

It had to be built extremely light as there are a lot of expandable parts on it. It has a fold down entrance stage with a spin round entrance canopy which sits on the roof. Bothe ends fold out to form graphic displays and the rear folds out with a floor and roof with a ramp for disabled access. The nearside then extends into a slideout and gives extra room for hospitality. There is a small kitchen on board and sales areas with a counter for drinks inside.

There is also a small fold up totem on the roof to line up with the column in the front corner.