Big TV Mobile Screen and Stage Trailers

We built two trailers for Big TV which were mirror images of each other. They wanted a unit which would multi-task and perform several functions at once.

The trailers each had massive stabiliser legs so that they could be deployed on any terrain and slope and lift the trailer up off the ground if needed as well as the big American tractor units which we modified.

They had both sides opening, one side forming a canopy and an extended stage which would be able to have a full band on it, while the other side completely folded down to enable the screen to be deployed at low level for racecourses where height was not required.

The roof slid sideways hydraulically to enable the 46 square metre screen on a rotating mast to come through it, then the screen would unfold itself and the roof close over it to form back again. Once the screen had unfolded the banner surrounds and massive speakers either side of the screen folded out hydraulically. This was all done by remote control and there is even a wind speed meter on top of the screen to relay wind speed back to the control room.

In the front was a 100 kva generator and a fully fitted out editing and control room for cameras, sound and recording, all powered from batteries and inverters.

The first event for the mobile screens was to be in Germany for the world cup for a month in conjunction with Audi and the first event for the second trailer was a month in Germany for the Euro football event for Kia Motors.