Aico Non-Expandable 5,000 Kg Training, Exhibition and Demonstration vehicle

Aico, who are a leading manufacturer of Smoke Alarms in the UK and Ireland, already have three expandable Neat Vehicles 5,000 Kg Training, Demonstration and Exhibition Vehicles, which are out in the field five days a week, training installers and showing off new products. They needed a non-expanding 5000 Kg unit for operating in the London area where there wasn’t necessarily enough room for the expanding units. We came up with this design for them, which featured large fold out display panels, but the rear one was also double hinged so if there wasn’t the room to set up with the length, they are able to fold the rear panel round the back and reduce the footprint. This can also be built without the panels, but they liked the big frontal image. Inside the seating is one large L Shaped bench suitable for several installers and there are low level tables for laptops and paperwork. Two large LED screens linked to HDMI points are on the offside wall with back illuminated Aico logo on the rear wall. Backlit LED colour-change product display panels are on the end and side walls, while on the nearside wall is a large window with one way contra-vision graphics over it. The whole vehicle was wrapped in graphics as are the other three. An onboard 4 kva diesel generator and air conditioning units are also built in.