5,500 Kg Neat Displayflex Mobile Cookery Demonstration Unit for Moguntia Foods

The latest creation to come out of our factory is this 5,500 Kg Neat Displayflex Vehicle for cookery demonstrations for Moguntia Foods who make food ingredients.

It has a hydraulic expanding canopy on one side to provide cover for the customers to view the demonstrations and below the canopy is an outdoor high brightness screen which is linked to three cameras inside the vehicle which cover the cooking area so that the cooking of the ingredients can be viewed by the customers.There are also two speakers set into the wall which are linked to a radio mike which the chef is wearing so a running commentary can be relayed to the customers. The serving hatch has two levels so it is not too low for the chef on the higher level and then a lower level for the customers to sample food from. The canopy outside is electro-hydraulic powered and has a full length name board which hinges up from the edge and LED lighting below. Externally there are also two large graphic display boards which can either be deployed in line or 90 degrees to the vehicle, depending on site layout and weather conditions. When at 90 degrees they provide some weather protection from sideways driving rain and wind when customers are stood below the canopy. Inside the unit is a fully fitted kitchen which has more than the usual kitchen has in the way of a Kamado Joe ceramic barbecue set into the work-surface for cooking with charcoal. It has a Neat bespoke stainless canopy installed above it for extracting fumes and smoke. Also within the kitchen is a steam bake electric oven and grill, together with an electric griddle and a convection hob and under-counter fridge. There is a cutlery and hand-wash sink with hot and cold running water, an internal screen linked to the cameras and an av cupboard with all the equipment necessary to turn the unit into a fully linked up presentation unit. Together with the colourchange LED uplighters at the top of the walls and downlighters along the counter edge this gives a big impact to the prospective clients. All of this electrical equipment needs quite a bit of power so there is a seperate generator compartment at the front of the unit containing a 20 kva diesel generator with inbuilt fuel tank, all fitted within a sound attenuated room accessed by double doors.