5000 Kg Multi Purpose Expandable Vehicle


The latest vehicle to roll out of our factory is a 5,000 Kg Events Vehicle which will be out on the road this Spring. The vehicle has a flexible interior for multiple configurations. Changes from previous vehicles include the following options:
1. Electrical
The electrical distribution and all transformers and power items have moved to the cab back wall to eliminate the need for an electrical locker. The cab is the least used part of an events vehicle when on site therefore we moved everything taking up room into there.
2. Hydraulic
All hydraulics including power-pack and back up pump have moved to a position in between the seats to eliminate the need for a hydraulic locker. Also the control socket is situated in the front moulding.
3. Internal Fit
Removable centre and rear LED display cupboards for layouts requiring more room or furniture. These also feature all remote control LED colour-change, with storage and a fridge built in.
4. LED uplight surround
Additional uplight LED feature lighting up ceiling which gives a changeable colour feature.
5. LED screen and projector combination
The use of an LED screen on the back wall and a projector on the end wall gives added flexibility in displaying media.
6. Generator

This unit has been designed with twin distribution boards so it can be plugged into 2 No. 13 Amp sockets. It can also be plugged into a portable generator with two outlets or alternatively have a built in generator installed according to customer preference.